Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have now entered in all of my student pages on my Wiki and it is ready to be implemented in my classroom! Unfortunately, I found out today from the technology teacher at my school (after I had already created my own!!) that there is actually a procedure you have to follow when creating a Wiki to use with students in Howard County. You have to apply for your own HCPSS sponsored Wikispace. I have begun the process and hope to be able to implement my Wiki soon! Here are the instructions I found on CLC.

Here’s how to begin the process for the setup of a Wikispace account:
Step 1:
Option 1 – I have had experience using Wikispaces and would like an account. Go to Step 2.
Option 2 – Meet with your Technology Teacher (if applicable) or Resource Teacher for training on how to utilize Wikispaces (if meeting with an OMET representative one-to-one, she can create the Wikispace for you while meeting for the training.)

Step 2:
Go to the [[ ]]Wikispaces Folder in the DR (Media and Educational Technology > Educational Technologies > Wikispaces) and download the followingforms (as needed):

1. Application Form for Instructional Wikispaces Everyone needs to fill this out.
2. If using with Students – Wikispace Student Account Request Database
3. If using with Staff – Wikispace Staff Account Request Database

Step 3:
Attach the completed forms in an email that is addressed to: "WikispacesAccount Request" (type this exact name in the "To:" box).

A Wikispaces FAQ has been established in the CLC. Post your questions to the conference. (The conference is located inside Technology Systems.)

Contact your Instructional Technology Representative for any questions.
Contacts: Julie Wray, Nancy Ennis, Robert Cole, Krissie Wisniewski

If you are intersted in creating a Wiki to use with Howard County students, I recommend following these directions so you have it set up with maximum security for you and your students. Hopefully mine will be up and running soon so I can let you all know how it is going!


  1. Katie, Thank you SO much for sharing. I had no idea either, and I assumed that since we were encouraged to use Wiki's and that HCPSS approved it that we could just use them. I have been using a Wiki (monitored constantly) with my upper level honors class. I will definitely be fixing that for next year and will take the time to apply for a Wiki space. Thanks again!

  2. Leslie - It was a very easy process to get the page setup. I even had a new student move into my class last week and it only took one day to get him a username and password so he could begin using it right away. The turnaround was very quick.

  3. Katie, I am really glad you shared this information I had forgotten that you needed to request an account first. Glad your wiki is working out for you!