Tuesday, December 7, 2010

VoIP Programs

VoIP programs, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, have become a very large part of communication today. These programs make many types of communication through the internet very simple and cheap, or in come cases, FREE! This technology gives you the opportunity to use your internet connection to make regular voice calls, conference calls, video calls, or have an instant messaging conversation. For many people, it has become second nature to sit in front of the computer and talk to friends and relatives as if you were sitting right in front of them or talking on the phone with them. VoIP programs make it simple to connect for free, or for a reasonable price, as opposed to making expensive long-distance phone calls.

There are many examples of VoIP programs out there. One very well-known one is Skype. A few of Skype's features are traditional voice calls, instant messaging, video chatting, and voice only conference calls. Having used Skype myself, I would have to say that setting it up and using it is very simple. You will have to find out if anyone you know is already on Skype in order to get their username to be able call them. If you are interested in downloading Skype and trying it, here is the website: http://skype.software.en.softonic.com/download?gclid=CNfGgdTf26UCFWp75QodWHhSzg. It is completely free to sign-up and you can begin making calls right away! Skype does have a few features that cost money, but I have found in my use, that the basic features suit my personal needs.

Here is a list of a few more VoIP programs and websites you can visit to find out more information:

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