Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I took my kids to the lab again today to do another Wiki activity. This activity was the kids making an Acrostic Poem. They were using the word SNOWMAN for their poem. Here is a screenshot of my homepage with the directions on it and a few of the kids' pages:

The kids really liked this activity. Some of the kids found it difficult to think of sentences about a snowman specifically so I let them use sentences about winter and snow in general. I thought the kids did a very nice job of creating their Acrostic Poems!


  1. Are the kids able to view the other students work from the wiki while they are working? I wonder if it would be helpful if a students is having trouble getting started and wants to see an example of other students work.

  2. Great idea and easy enough for my second graders to use.

  3. Patrick - They can see each others' work but only after the students have saved what they are working on. In order to give the students the ability to get ideas from each other, I tell them to save every 5-10 minutes or so. After they have saved, they can explore each others' pages.